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So Kris Aquino endorses Nokia Lumia

When smartphones were not yet that “smart” Kris Aquino had already been using a Nokia (circa N95 days), which she would place on the coffee table during her talk shows. Back then, she wasn’t a real endorser but Nokia did take notice of this and voila, she’s now the new Nokia Lumia endorser!

The story above comes from Nikka Abes of Nokia Philippines.

Although the ad only shows the Lumia 610, 710 and 800, she is also the endorser of the flagship Lumia 900 which will be officially launched next week.

So my question to you is .. how do you feel about Kris Aquino being their new endorser?

To a number of IT folks, the idea may be unsettling as she’s obviously not tech-oriented but given Nokia and Microsoft’s strategy to push Windows Phone and the Lumia as devices for the highly untapped feature-phone oriented consumers, then the endorsement is spot on. If you’re already a heavy iOS user, you definitely won’t make the switch. Windows Phone is aimed towards non-smartphone users, so the advertorial is apt.

The Nokia Lumia 900 in Blue