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Kopi Roti BF Homes Pergola is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Yay! They’re finally open! Sonny Young, Mike and Ven opened Kopi Roti this 08.08.08. I was not able to attend the store opening and blessing but I was able to grab a freebie yesterday (I was the hamster guinea pig for their very first batch of buns during their dry run). I dropped by today and the place was packed at around 10 AM. I ordered take out for myself and buns for Phoebe as well. Also got to see Nicky Mapa from my Southridge ’98 batch.

I love Kopi Roti. Not only is the coffee, iced tea and food really good, they are also very affordable.

As of today, the store is still running on generator but the official opening hours will be from 7 AM to 1 AM and they will try to be open till 2 AM on weekends.

This is Sonny’s invitation letter:

Dear Family & Friends,

Finally, our Kopiroti branch in BF Homes, Sucat is opening! Months of planning and preparation have been poured into this project – and we really hope that you would drop by and patronize our store (and help spread the word!) in the coming days. We are soft-opening on 08.08.08 (for good fortune), and will be open daily from 9am to 9pm. We are still running on generator power for the next 3 weeks and aircon will not yet be available – but we promise on the great food/drinks!!!

We will hold a simple blessing on 08.08.08 at 9am. Please drop by and tell your friends!

Kopi Roti Pergola
Unit 104 A Ground Floor, The Pergola Lifestyle Mall Aguirre Ave,
BF Homes, Paranaque City
Store Hours 7AM to 1AM

Mostly Everything

Kopi Roti Pergola, BF Homes has a blog!

Editor’s Note: Kopi Roti BF Homes is now open! You can proceed here for more details and photos.

Many reasons why I’m plugging this:

1. Kopi Roti is an excellent brand. Anybody who knows good coffee (and BREAD!!) knows Kopi Roti! And now finally, us folks from the south need not go up north to savor Kopi Roti. Their complete address is:

Unit 104 A Ground Floor,
The Pergola Lifestyle Mall Aguirre Ave,
BF Homes, Paranaque City

This is in the new promenade mall across BPI, right beside Jollibee BF and the Ruins Night Market.

2. This particular franchise is operated by my high school batchmate from PAREF Southridge ’98 (Sonny, pa-libre naman dyan!).

3. They have a blog. And this blog is rather specific to the franchise in the south. The anticipation is building as they plan to open this July. Sonny and Mike sure know how to market this thing. The anticipation begins with photos of the store under construction.

Finally construction of our Kopi Roti store started last June 26. We are estimating the construction to last only 20 days long. Our neighbor tenants in the Ground Floor Sarabia Optical, Simply Bread, Baker’s Depot, and Figaro are nearing completion in their construction and will open mid to late July. We will be opening shop before the month of July ends 😀

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