3D Printing your home: 750 sq meter home will only take 20 hours to print at fraction of cost

With the Internet bringing about revolutionary change to the way people go about their lives, I believe that the commercialization of 3D printing will make a huge dent on the current power structure in the world today. There are already a lot of “dated” copyright and patent laws that run into a bump with the availability of 3D printers such as the legal mess of printing Warhammer figurines.

Nonetheless, scaling a 3D printer to the level of constructing a home is already on its way. A 2,500 square foot home can be built in less than a day — 20 hours to be exact with walls able to withstand 10,000 psi of pressure (the average concrete structure withstands 3,000 psi pounds / sq. inch). Watch the video below.

The future has spoken: in the same way that there is a current demand for Internet specialists, the near-future will want the most creative of people to design blueprints which the world can print into something amazingly tangible.

Oh the possibilities! I thought this was a joke, but there is an ongoing project to print out a lunar base in partnership with NASA. OMG!