10 Things that made the Star Trek Movie… well, Star Trek

Really what an amazing film — a definite fan salute and enjoyable as well for those who are new to the series. J.J. Abrams’ rendition of Star Trek brings us back to the magic of the original series that pulled me in to the universe, sans William Shatner’s ham acting.

Here are ten things from the film that made the new Star Trek … well …. Star Trek.

  1. Like in all Star Trek episodes, random ensigns die over the top tragic deaths whether by incineration, asphyxiation, or getting jettisoned into space. In this movie, an ensign is scorched by a big ass torch that is used to dig through to a planet’s core.
  2. There’s a bar fight, and Kirk is in it.
  3. McCoy gives his classic “Damn it Jim I’m a doctor, not a ______” line
  4. Scotty gives his classic “I’m giving her all I’ve got Captain!” line.
  5. There is a temporal displacement phenomena (or was it a temporal paradox in the space-time continuum?) that seems to justify everything in the movie without affecting the original series time line.
  6. They eject the warp core. It seems that this is always the end all solution to imminent death.
  7. Kirk outwits the Kobayashi Maru, just like the book, but in a different manner. And this is finally seen on film.
  8. Kirk, as usual, makes out with an alien female.
  9. Spock meets himself.
  10. Chekov is only 17.
Mostly Everything

Geek Lust Summarized in Paper


This is the summation of all my fetishes, rolled neatly into several signatures of paper.

J.J. Abrams is guest editor for WIRED Magazine for May ’09. Abrams, famed for Lost and Fringe and the upcoming Star Trek reboot brings in the theme of MYSTERY:

Think back, for example, to how we used to buy music. You would have to leave your apartment or house and actually move your ass to another location. You’d get to the store, where music would be playing on the stereo. Music you may not have heard before. Perhaps you’d ask the clerk what it was and she’d send you to a bin—those wooden containers holding actual albums or CDs—and you’d look through it, seeing other album covers that might catch your eye. You’d have a chance to discover something.

But wait, you say, iTunes gives you the chance to browse! To that I nod, concede the point, and say, “Bullshit.” Those little icons you scroll past mean almost nothing to most of us. Why? Because we didn’t get on the train, brave the weather, bump into strangers, and hear music we didn’t choose. In other words, we didn’t earn the right to casually scan those wooden bins. Lately I go to Amoeba Music in Hollywood just to watch people flip through albums. It’s a lost art. [source]

Can’t wait to grab a copy off the shelves.

[Huge credit for big cover photo]