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Guys, break muna!

Hi folks. Sorry for taking a while announcing the winner. Real life things (i.e. WORK) has been a bit hectic. Give me a few more hours and I will announce the winner of the BlackBerry 3G unit tonight.

On another note, here’s a photo of TheGreatMorinda with her Nokia X3:

And here’s a photo of Francis with his ACER Ferrari One 200.

And here’s Ellen Joy’s Lenovo.

After the RIM contest it seems we have two more sponsors before we wrap up this contest series.

Oh, many of you have asked about the comment policy and why some comments are delayed in approval. The blog is set to moderate comments with certain keywords, first time commenters and posts with too many links. Don’t worry, I have record of all of this. Some were marked as spam but I retrieved them. In any case, please be patient with some comments not appearing. When you see “comment awaiting moderation” it means that I did receive it.