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All in the iPod Family


When Apple sent over a 5th gen nano I couldn’t help but put it side by side all the other iPods I actually owned through the years. That’s the first gen iPod shuffle which, in retrospect I bought for P10,000.00 when it first came out, the fatty nano, and the second generation iPod touch which was given as a gift.

Again, in retrospect, there was a time when I used all these iPods as music players but since then there’s been a behavioral change due to the sheer number of iPods at home. I’ve stopped using the shuffle as an MP3 player and lend it out to the guy behind The Geek Salad when he uses it for running. The nano houses my complete indie playlist while the touch is my everyday iPod since it also has WiFi.

I’ve seen the appeal with the 5th gen nano. Whip it out, start recording video without any delay. It’s that simple. I really feel though that it needs a camera. It’s also light. Too light to be honest. If it fell out of my pocket, I wouldn’t notice.

Oh and just one more thing — it seems that the current version of Podworks won’t work with the latest 5th gen nano, and I assume other new iPods as well.