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porTable Table Top Games: Definitely a MUST HAVE on your iOS device

There are iOS games you remember fondly and there are iOS games that you know you’ll keep in your device forever. When discussing the former, it’s usually the game you end up buying for USD $0.99 and then play it once or twice then forget about it the next day. And then, there’s the latter — games that you end up downloading to play again and again. porTable is such an app and the biggest irony is that although it is marketed as a card game, it really isn’t. That’s because the game itself doesn’t have any rules of play. All the rules come from the players so you’re not limited to the type of card game to play.

porTable Table Top Games is a card and domino simulation where it makes use of multiple devices to create a playing environment for cards, dominoes and even poker. The only catch is that to play this game, you will need several iOS devices, preferable an iPad to serve as the virtual table and each player holds his or her own iOS device for the “virtual hand.”

If you look at it, it really isn’t a game by itself as all the app does is simulate a casino environment and gives you a deck of cards to deal out. This means that you can play ANYTHING with your deck of virtual cards or dominoes.

Best of all, it’s free!

DOWNLOAD LINK: porTable Table Top Games

The team behind porTable is also developing a poker update for their app. Virtual poker is nothing new as it has always been played online. Below is the screenshot of the prototype: