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Google releases Google Maps App for iOS

It’s no secret that ever since Apple removed the native Maps app powered by Google with the previous version of iOS, users went clamoring back for it. Apple’s Maps replacement for iOS 6 wasn’t so great — in fact it even led to people getting lost in the wilderness in Australia by providing bad directions.

Well, that nightmare is over now as Google has released an official Google Maps app for iOS 6. Thing is, it is only available in the US store as of late so if you have a PH account, the app won’t show up in the store.

Mostly Everything

Brand new iPhone 3GS sells in the Philippines for PHP 14,990; open line and NTC approved

OK this bit of news is a bit odd but believe it or not, the group that distributes Alcatel in the PH is also the same group that is bringing in NTC-registered stocks of the old iPhone 3GS. Yup, you heard it right. If you’ve always wanted to own a BRAND NEW iPhone but couldn’t afford the steep price and telco lock in period, you can avail of an iPhone 3GS for only PHP 14,990.00.

The iPhone 3GS is being made available nationwide. Some of the stores that carry it include:

JR MemoXpress
Power Mac Center

In the greater Manila area, you can find it in the following stores

Automatic Centre
CMK Cellphones
Link Plus
Mobile World / ABC Store
Silicon Valley
Techno Mobile
Widget City

The package comes with a 12 month warranty period and bundled with iOS 5. This is a really good deal because the iPhone 3GS is still considered “future proof” by Apple since it will be eligible for the new iOS 6 update.