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How to Make a uMobile Invite Move Faster!

Hello again friends. A lot of you have been asking about uMobile invites. I recently emailed their technical support asking about why the sign up page was disabled. Well, it is back up now so I can start sending out invites again. But I also learned that I can only send 10 invites per month which means that the process might take longer — THEREFORE, I was able to get clarification on how to get more invites. I’ll paste the bulk of the email here and highlight the salient portions:

For your inquiry, yes you can invite 10 of your friends every month. That’s 100 friends in a year! We recently enabled the invite page so now you can start inviting your friends again.

If someone is interested in our service, they can request an invite code to customerservice at umobile dot com dot ph by simply sending their complete name and email address. If their request is unique or valid, we will send an email with an invite code.

Note that every application is still subject for approval. An applicant cannot log-in to the “My Account” page of the website until he/she is approved and have received their ümobile SIM. When the application is approved, we will send an email to confirm their approval and our customer service will contact them to confirm when and where their FREE ümobile SIM will be delivered.

So there you have it. Unfortunately I didn’t know about the limit and used up 10 invites for my family and close friends. But as you can see, the solution is right there on the email. Please send them an email with your details and then they will send you a respective sign up code. You will then be able to send out 10 invites per month to your close friends.

I really hope this helps and I apologize for the small mix up!