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IMOVIO iKIT challenges netbooks, makes a “smartphone”

So what do you think? Wrote about this earlier today:

This is what happens when you challenge the netbook line and come up with something much smaller – you end up with well, a smartphone that can’t make calls. I actually don’t know what to call it. I also don’t know if this will really replace anything that you already have. It’s not a cellphone because you can’t make calls, but you can surf via WiFi and 3G through your cellphone. It’s not something you can really show to present to clients. So what is it, really? What’s the value proposition of this $175.00 device? It sure is cool to have, but it lurks too much into the realm of the mobile phone to be 100% efficient.

Well, it does make calls, but you need to connect it to a mobile phone to do data. More of like, a modem of sorts. We’re back to the Palm Pilot ladies and gents.