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Entry Level IBM Certification Exams in Security Applications

AppScan, IBM’s leading web security testing application, is among the most valuable security credentials a professional can obtain at the start of their career. The standard edition of AppScan is used by enterprises in a wide range of business ventures. It is therefore one of the qualifications that employers seek when hiring new employees in the web security and administration field.

The Rational AppScan Standard Addition specialist credential is available through IBM after passing a single certification exam. The required test is the 000-139 – AppScan Standard Edition. Achieving a good score on this exam is best accomplished through sufficient study and exam prep, preferably including a reputable tutorial and practice test service provider like

The 000-139 exam requires knowledge of AppScan functionality and usage. Your studies will get you part way there, but hands-on experience working with AppScan is also strongly recommended. Prior to sitting for the exam, you’ll need to possess intermediate level knowledge and skills with this industry-leading security application.

During your exam preparation activities, you’ll need to determine how well your study methods are serving you. This is usually best achieved through practice test sessions. Practice exams allow you to know which materials you’ve mastered and which you still need to work more on before taking your test. Ensure you commit as much time as necessary to learning the materials before taking your IBM certification exam.