I got to taste a whisky with less than 50 bottles for the Philippines

We are one year into the pandemic lockdown and although this was purely coincidental, I celebrated staying home (as usual) with an online tasting event with Highland Park’s latest bottle that made it to the Philippines, the Triskelion. This is a limited bottle release with less than 50 bottles left for the local market. 

Historically, the triskelion is a Celtic symbol  that literally means “three legs” derived from Ancient Greek. Through the years, the symbol has been adopted by many modern organizations but the classic meaning has always been associated with symmetry, progress and inspiration. Highland Park’s Triskelion is named such to fondly commemorate the three master distillers involved in this project, Max MacFarlane, Gordon Motion, and John Ramsay. The three master blenders from Highland Park and Edrington (the parent company of Highland Park, Macallan and Glenrothes) represent the past and present of the company with MacFarlane having worked with the distillery for the past 44 years and has recently retired.