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Note to Self

Puerto Galera Dive

Some notes I’ve been mentally taking down at random times during the year. Ding! Happy birthday to me!


Note to Self
in sporadic bursts

Celebrate today with friends. Celebrate every day’s mysteries with the wonderment of a two year old. Take notes of all your journeys and share them with the world. Even if they may not understand what you mean, maybe their children will.

Be good to others. Speak about others as if they were in the same room as you.

Always seek adventure. It comes in the office cubicle, while you sign checks or break for lunch. It comes in your endeavors above and underwater. Launch into the deep. Squeeze the juice of life and share it with others. Even if they are only your acquaintances.

Flirt less.

Learn to make the best coffee. Grill meats the way Bobby Flay would.

Treat the mere twitching of your finger as the beginnings of an apostolate of love. Follow through.

Mourn for lost friends. Forgive, but be firm. Surround yourself with passionate people. Preferably within a 5 year age gap. These will be your comrades when you all decide to change the world. Live in each others’ excitement. Revel with the memories you have built with friends. Have at least one friend who knows everything about you. But not more than 5.

Don’t yawn when listening to people. Don’t fold your arms either.

Write more music. Release an album through the Internet. Stop making excuses.

Be kind to animals. Expose children and even your friends to the joys of keeping pets. They will become gentler and mild mannered, as proven by science.

Say yes. But get used to saying no as well. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Again.

Create your masterpiece and celebrate it when you reach 30.

Happy birthday, kind sir.

[photo above by Jan Acosta. This is a shot of me with the strobe light on a Hawkbill Turtle on the way to Shark Caves, Puerto Galera]