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And the winner of the SMART Communications Week raffle is…

What a week! With over 700++ comments it was really tough to decide the winner. I wish we could have given about 50 Galaxy Tabs because as I was listing the haikus down, that’s around how many caught my attention. Together with a short deliberation with SMART (with me having the final say) I’d like to congratulate “Reggie” for his haiku:

With SMART as my brush
Galaxy Tab as palette
An artist, I am


His haiku best captured the messaging I wanted to convey — that these tablets aren’t very useful unless you have a great data plan backing the hardware. Congratulations Reggie, I’ll send you an email on how to claim your spanking new Galaxy Tab from SMART Communications!

I do want to congratulate everyone for joining this week. For those who didn’t win, fear not! This is just the first week! We have more prizes to come.

i also want to congratulate SMART Communications for saying yes without hesitation to become part of this giveaway. My heartfelt thanks to Rezza’s team and everyone else in SMART who made this possible!

Next up is INTEL week and they’re giving away a Lenovo Ideapad worth almost PHP 30,000.00! W00t!!!

Stay tuned, friends!