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Finger-Licking Food Recipes from Across the Globe

Are you a foodie who loves to try and taste various cuisines popular across the globe? Well, this is a great thing to do because nothing can be more wonderful to treat your taste buds with different types of tasty and aromatic food items every time. But as you are trying out the dishes from unknown cuisines there are high chances that you might miss out the best of the delicacies. We understand it is difficult to pick the best of the recipes from multiple cuisines and to help you out here we are listing out some of scrumptious food recipes from across the globe. Check these out:

Ground Beef Gyros

The ground beef gyro is a tasty recipe for the beef lovers. Generally beef is considered as a heavy meat and this sandwich recipe maintains a perfect balance. If you want to eat something light but full of flavor and taste, then you must try this scrumptious recipe. Being a summer preparation, this Greek recipe can be tasted in restaurants that serve authentic Greek foods. It feels more refreshing and tastes wonderful when served with yogurt cucumber sauce.

Pad Pak Ruam or Stir Fry Veggies

For people who want to relish on the healthy yet delicious Thai cuisine, this is an ideal recipe. This lovely colorful dish which is a combo of stir fry Thai vegetables is the healthiest and most nutritious recipe as you can choose what you want to eat in your plate. Also this dish has numerous variations which allow you to eat something new each day. People who don’t like to have rice in its original form must try out this amazing recipe to give their taste bud a flavorful zing.

Pork with mustard sauce

Having bread all the time in the form of burger or sandwich even in the restaurants can be quite boring, isn’t it? But stuffing bread with pork which is tossed and sautéd with white wine and thick mustard sauce brings an amazing twist and relish the taste buds. This deep fried wine recipe is a pure delight for the bread item lovers. Go grab this one from your favorite restaurant using the Fave Singapore coupons at a discounted price.

Delicious Chicken Fajitas or Wraps

If you have a special thing for rolls and wraps then chicken fajitas will be a quick savory item that you will simply love to munch upon. This very popular wrap stuffed with marinated chicken tastes heavenly and makes a great snack to grab a quick bite whenever you are hungry. This recipe can be a very good replacement of the unhealthy and greasy junk foods. This can even be part of the main course, just create a platter with your favorite soup or pancakes for a stomach filling treat.

Spanish Tortilla

Want to relish the world-famous Spanish cuisine and indulge in tantalizing delights? You can start with Tapos which includes a wide range of delicious appetizers or you can say starters. For the first timers who want to taste Tapos foods, the Spanish Tortilla is a good option to try out. This super yummy version of omlette which is tossed with pan fried onions and potatoes is a great add-on to the platter of the omlette lovers. It is light on your tummy and acts as a great appetizers.

Ginger Noodles with Thai Prawns

For people who love to have noodles in their platter, the Ginger noodle along with Thai prawns is a wonderful item to try. This is a stir fry noodle recipe which is treated with ginger and tossed with delicious Thai prawns. It is a recipe that makes a perfect choice for the healthy, light and sumptuous dinner for every member of the family starting from the kids to the older members It is ideal for people who want mostly protein and carbohydrate concentration in their food keeping the fat low.

The yummy brown American Pie

When we are talking amazing some of the mouthwatering recipes desserts are must to mention. Appletarts are very famous dessert items especially for the kids and the American Pie is a classic of the same. You can try different variations in the apple mixture that is used for filling. When some people love to include raisins and other dry fruits in this tart, some add other things like cinnamon and cedar cheese just to add more taste to it.

So, these are some of the most wonderful recipes picked by our experts from the most enriched cuisines in the world. Next time when you plan to visit the restaurants around you don’t miss out on these amazing food items by redeeming the Fave Promo codes Malaysia. These dishes will be an amazing treat for your palette. Don’t wait anymore and start munching!