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Willing to Get Lost in the Great Singapore Sale 2008!!!

Equinox Singapore

Wow, Equinox Club (photo). That’s as far as I went to seeing the night life of Singapore last year. This year it’s going to be different! Realized that I’ve been so burned out from a lot of things going on with work, so I asked a favor if I could extend a business trip on my expense. Nokia Connect 2008 is happening on the 16th and 17th in Singapore and knowing how that goes, the party is going to be a blast. The funny thing was that I almost got double booked — LG scheduled me to go for Communicasia but I had said yes to Nokia already. With that, the famous and ever reliable proprietor of TechnograPH is going to Communicasia 2008 to cover the latest phones and services! 🙂

But June 2008 is also the month of the Great Singapore Sale and yes, I’m going to get lost in this great sale, as well as get lost in the huge shopping list of my beauty blogger partner as well as her friends. 🙂

Pacific Plaza SG

In terms of what I’m looking to get, well nothing fancy. I’m on the lookout for camera accessories such as a semi-ball tripod which allegedly sells for only P2,500.00 and a Nikkor remote for only P600.00. In terms of brands I’m curious to check out the Giordano store as I’ve noticed that Giordano Singapore has one of the best – if not the best selection in Asia, in the same way that Zara’s selection in the Philippines is a hundred times better than Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.

I supposedly booked myself at a little place in Little India but Mia came to my rescue and offered my nephew’s bed as the kids are back to school in Manila. Mia, you’re a lifesaver, and you can have all the Pure Foods hotdogs and corned beef I can carry!

So Calvin wrote about the sale, a head on collision with the first few days. Well, I’m going to be there right smack ready for the PC Show (I missed Toy Universe! and seeing Kung Fu Panda in person) and Calvin’s post was very helpful. Between shopping at Orchard Road to Sim Lin Square, I’m also trying to make time to meet up with some of my dad’s former classmates from AIM, and do a whole day Zoo and Night Safari tour…

… But the most important itinerary is to EAT AT PEPPER LUNCH SINGAPORE. 😀