SMART can give you the last 6 digits of your Globe number when you switch. And more.

In terms of the “industry wars” it seems that the ones involving telcos are the most fascinating. As someone who’s been involved in the industry for more than 8 years, I tend to hear things, a lot of them being allegedly true and others rumors. A number of these include SMART choosing earlier to invest in improving their data network in the late 2000’s while Globe introduced the unlimited texting scheme to increase subs. It’s also an allegedly “cute” reason why SMART bought SUN — to have introduced their own unli-text services without losing money while still relegating half the competition. Today, SMART is reaping the benefits of an early investment with a better mobile data network in most areas. A network modernization program takes between 2.5 to 5 years and Globe has just begun theirs. Are you willing to wait that long? By that time, gigabit connection speeds should already be the norm.