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A Short Essay on the Family Dogs, Whilst Injecting Mothers Day in Non-Sequitur Nonchalance

Today, my parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. We had lunch at the Bellevue in Alabang.

I did the math and since I’m turning 28 this year, being the eldest means that I came into the picture five years into their married life. Apparently in those five years my parents thrived with a lot of dogs, in the absence of children, to the extent that it was part of their home’s blueprint to have a cemented kennel to house our two German Shepherds beside the wet kitchen (today it serves the purpose of a stock room). The pugs and German Shepherds gave way to a single beagle which was then replaced in modern day by Hondo, our family dog and third pillow in bed.

We practically grew up with dogs. Here’s a photo of my brother with our first beagle which was stylized from the Joe Cool “Snoopy” franchise (Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s beagle):

In all its entirety – taking my parents’ wedding anniversary and mothers day celebration tomorrow, it is thus that I declare how I seem to attract and pacify animals, namely dogs, stray cats and some breeds of freshwater fish.

Wala lang.

Happy Mothers Day 🙂