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Use a Wiimote to control your computer

syncing the Wiimote requires you to press buttons 1 and 2 together for discovery mode

Say you lost your Apple remote control. Or you were in the market for a cheap wireless presenter tool for your computer. My suggestion would be to buy a Wiimote instead (SRP P1,800 in Greenhills) and download an appropriate Bluetooth sync application for your computer. Darwiinremote for Mac OS X and WiinRemote for Windows allow you to do precisely this – sync your Wiimote with your computer and use it to control the mouse and other applications.

I’d love to whip out a Wiimote while doing a presentation one day. It’s one of those attention grabbers any presenter would love to do at the beginning of their talk.

Thanks Jerome for this tip. You can read a detailed FAQ on how to do this at hackazine.

It’s not the Wii that’s a work of wonder – it’s the Wiimote!

Crocs, Revisited.


Even though this blog is described as “the pseudo personal blog about blogging, technology and stuff” it seems that the most popular post has to do with my fashion sense. Let’s revisit Crocs. Eek!

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I want a Mii Parade!

Lookie here. According to this video’s details, this Mii parade consists of about 10,000 Miis walking down the virtual Miiground. I was too lazy to count as I lost it at about 5,294.

With my Wii address book barely filled up (I added up a few friends and sent them email from the Wii Console’s unique w[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] address), I’m wondering if there others there who would gladly add me up to their friends list. Maybe, just maybe, we could do mundane things like parade our Miis and send email to one another using the built in mail system.

Anyway, this number should suffice:

Wii Friend Code 1647 7187 1691 1181

If you own a Wii and would like to add me up, feel free to do so. Post your Wii number too while you’re at it.

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Cooped Up in Fantasy

Wikipedia image of Ganondorf, the last boss in Ocarina of Time, 1998

I must admit that the partial reason why I bought a Wii was to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It has been almost ten years since I last played a Zelda game, and if you got the time line right, 1998 was the year when The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was released for the Nintendo 64. I didn’t own the popular 64-bit console at that time so a friend gladly lent me his just so that I could finish this installment of Zelda.

A bit on the video game history — The Ocarina of Time has been declared as one of the best video games ever made thus far:

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Be a Mobius Game Tester Today!

Though I’m not as active as before, I’m still registered as a beta tester for Astraware, the small company in London that publishes and licenses games for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile. These games include Bejeweled, Seven Seas, Broken Sword, Tradewinds and many more fun titles. The experience is rewarding as new games for testing are announced in my email every so often.

So I was gladdened when I heard about Mobius opening up a game testing center at Market! Market! at The Bonifacio Global City across Serendra. (I’m not a Mobius game tester but I sure would recommend trying it out for the experience … and who knows, even a potential career!)


If you would like to become an active member of the local gaming industry, here is your chance! Mobius is now hiring GAME TESTERS. The position seems to be a part time gig, allowing you to test out the new stuff that Mobius is coming out with. According to Riane Garfin, head of corporate communications, this can even lead to a career in the booming gaming industry.

Game testing happens at the Mob, the Internet Cafe located at Market! Market! in Taguig. You need to be between 12 to 25 years old and have a passion for playing games.