Mostly Everything — South East Asian PC Gaming Community

Nice to know there are more and more organized SEA based gaming communities sprouting up from the Interwebs. Despite whatever Internet connection you have at home, ping will always be an issue due to the locations of dedicated servers for gaming. For those who don’t understand, gamers like me are always on the lookout for “dedicated servers” — computers that have the sole purpose of hosting online game matches. If your game is being hosted on computers such as these, you won’t experience as much lag.

OMGeek has a bunch of dedicated servers and the group is dedicated to gaming in South East Asia, which means that you’ll always be in the same time zone when you come home from work to play. One of the biggest hurdles of gamers around the world is that coming home from work, you realize that everyone you play with is asleep because you’re on opposite sides of the world!

Right now OMGeek has two servers up for Red Orchestra and Terraria, with a Battlefield 3 server coming soon when the game launches this year!