The Amorsolo Retrospective: Community Driven Amorsolo

I wasn’t really into paintings but my parents were. We had a couple of Amorsolo’s and Goya’s at home and they were, if I recall correctly, gifts. Behind one of the Goya’s, which was a portrait of my mom, she had a photo with him stuck on the canvas.

So it’s pretty cool how art appreciation is slowly taking advantage of new media. The latest is The Amorsolo Retrospective, which is an online collaboration of collectors to upload Amorsolo art that they own, and embed them on blogs. I guess it’s sort of like turning your blog into an online art gallery, which is kick ass. It’s nice to know we have local new media efforts to preserve our sense of art and culture.

Fernando Amorsolo,
First National Artist.

He portrayed his ideals through his art, capturing the essence of Filipino beauty and sunlight on canvas.

The Amorsolo Retrospective aims to take another look at our first National Artist Fernando Amorsolo through a four-month multi-venue exhibition of his finest works. This is all made possible by our many sponsors, particularly our co-presenter, Metrobank.

This rare gathering of his paintings, illustrations and sketches hopes to cultivate a deeper understanding of Filipino culture and values as seen through the eyes of Amorsolo. His art was a reflection of his values. They depicted a fervent idealism, a sense of community, the respect of women, the love of beauty, the dignity of hard work, and a celebration of our country’s history.

Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest Filipino painters and the beauty he saw in everything.

If you want to showcase Amorsolo’s works on your blog or website, just follow these simple instructions or go to If you OWN an Amorsolo, you can actually showcase it to the world! Check out and click on “Upload your own Amorsolo.”