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SMART Communications launches LTE Closed Beta Program. Sign up now.

Saw this tweet today from Mellissa Limcaoco who handles communications:

Predictions are spot on that SMART Communications is really unveiling public LTE by the end of 2011. Although I am a consultant for them I am not privy to everything so this is really great news for me and for everyone else who have been dying to try out the LTE service (aka SMART Evolution) which they previewed during the Holy Week in Boracay. You can follow the #SmartLTE hashtag for more details.

As such, they’ve launched an early closed beta program for Internet citizens who have the know how and aptitude to be able to give insightful feedback about the new service that is being unraveled. They have launched the closed beta LTE test. < ---- More details there if you want to know how you can participate in the program.

A bit related, but the use of the dots in the new SMART Communications logo is beginning to make sense now.