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The Internet you CAN’T have

Skeptical? 112MBPS from Sky Broadband is a connection available for residential areas. The catch? You can’t have it unless you own a unit in Rockwell. Also, it costs roughly PHP 20,000.00 a month to keep this line. Yesterday, the Sky Broadband team didn’t have anything exciting to download as torrents were not permitted. Typical.

So I went ahead and downloaded (and updated) Steam, which took as long as downloading a photo and then proceeded to download Portal which was a 5GB file. Based on the actual speed test that day, I was able to download the entire game in 20 minutes. In perspective, it usually takes me an entire day or two to download a typical 5-8GB game digitally and my connection, which is also a Sky Boradband line never hits 1MBPS.

Another perspective, the 112MBPS may not be true. I’m only getting 8.1MBPS (which is still fast — teehee!)

Here are screen shots I took while having lunch with Freya Santos and Jec Cunanan from the Bayan Telecommunications team:

TIME STAMP: 12:46:27

TIME STAMP: 12:54:41

TIME STAMP: 13:04:46

TIME STAMP: 13:06:01

I think this is bad ass marketing. It’s FAST INTERNET and YOU can’t have it. If you want one you’ll have to buy a loft or live at the Hidalgo Bldg in Rockwell. Oh and if that’s not enough you still have to shell out 20k. Bad. Ass. None of that “hey this is the fastest Internet and it’s only this cheap BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

Fast Internet costs money folks.

Footnote: This actually makes Powerplant Mall the best “tambayan” for free WiFi.