Mostly Everything

Ok let’s talk about my finger.

OK so not a lot of you know this but my left pinky has been getting the pins and needles since August 2010. I’ve consulted a doctor about this condition and it seems to be linked to well … posture on the computer specifically while playing first person shooters and excessive typing (hence the need for a tablet). It’s not Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It’s more closely linked to Guyon’s Canal. i was a tad relieved to find out that another friend from the Internet also has a similar condition but on her feet. It’s not numb — it’s … pins and needles. It doesn’t hurt. So I was advised to take 1,000mg of Vitamin B a day, which I’ve been doing. But apart from that remedy, there are two other home remedies that seem to work: a basin with hot water and salt AND this thing that was given to me by Phiten during an event way back last year. It’s called “e-Water” and pretty much contains the muscle relaxant you find in Phiten products but in liquid form. That’s it alongside all the other pain relievers I have at home. I’m aware of Phiten being a “controversial” muscle relaxant as most consider it to be a placebo, but heck it works for me. So I’m not complaining.

I’d like to know if anyone of you have similar conditions because of the computer and how do you treat it?