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5 Reasons eReaders Will Eventually Win You Over

Maybe old habits die hard, but we’ve got some insights provided by the Wise Ink Blog telling it how it is: you’ll want your eBooks sooner or later.

You Love the Earth
You want the planet to survive and one thing that will certainly help make that happen is to dramatically reduce the demand for our natural resources. That’s what eReading devices bring to the table. With eReaders, publishing companies no longer have to use paper every time. Imagine thousands of books a year rendered in eBook format. That would mean thousands of books that saved up on paper and trees. If the trend continues to grow, the next generation of readers might have a shot at growing up with real forests and trees. Plus, every time you buy an eReader, you’re making a choice. You’re telling the industry that you’re willing to pay for this service. If you use that buying power to support eBooks and save trees, then perhaps more and more people would learn how to be responsible with their buying choices.