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Dyson coupon codes offer excellent savings on top quality home appliance products

Dyson is a renowned technology company which engages in the design and manufacture of various home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters and hand dryers. Based out of the UK, this company has retail operations in over 70 nations worldwide. The company is recognized for being a pioneer in innovation and many of its products are based on unique technologies.

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Having been in business for over two decades now, Dyson products are often touted to be the best in the market.
The company offers various types of vacuum cleaners and related accessories, heaters, fans, purifiers and a selection of hand dryers to consumers worldwide. While this constitutes a broad product catalog, the company also deals in special refurbished machines. With top notch customer support being provided, the company also helps customers choose which product is suitable for their purposes and also hands out warranties on all products on offer.


Dyson DC48 Compact Vacuum Cleaner sells for PHP 45,000

Someone from Dyson got in touch with me earlier last week peddling the new DC48 series. It seems that age does play a factor in overall perception and I’ve noticed as I grow older, I’m getting more and more pitches for things like these. The DC48 is a compact vacuum cleaner which is going to be made available in Rustan’s Makati and Century Mall for a price of Php 45,000. This vacuum is meant for smaller abodes like condos and apartments. Its design aims to minimize noise without compromising efficiency.

Kinda looks like Daft Punk.

I’ve attached the PR material and some specs after the jump.