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Lenovo A65 is Dual SIM, Android 2.3, bigger steal at P5,499

EDIT: If you’re after a more powerful device in the PHP 10,xxx range, check out the Lenovo P700 that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, has a bigger 4″ screen and a larger battery life. It’s also dual SIM.

Met up with John Rojo, the new Business Unit Head of Lenovo Mobile (Open COmmunications) and he showed me a bunch of new tech they have coming. One of these was the new Lenovo A65 which is their exciting follow up to the A60 released in October of last year.

Well guess what? I forgot to take photos. Because I was took busy making chika. You know. So instead, here’s a photo of the A60, because the A65 looks very similar and the differences are really in the internals.

For one, the new A65 comes with the latest firmware update that is a MUST. If you were an early adopter, the old issues had a recurring problem with SMS getting disabled. Fortunately Lenovo addressed this with a firmware update that fixed this one and only issue.

The new A65 is near-perfect given its price point of below PHP 6,000. It levels up the competition with the Samsung Galaxy Y and the Alcatel Blaze / Alcatel Glory because it sports a bigger 3.5″ screen and a faster 800Mhz processor (the A60 had a 650mhz processor).

So, really. Reasonably fast user interface, Android 2.3 OS (you don’t need ICS for this), dual SIM, huge 3.5″ screen. Then factor in a price point of only PHP 5,499.00 and it’s really a steal. A bigger steal than its precursor which retailed for above PHP 7,xxx.xx

Verdict: Highly recommended. I wouldn’t call it a budget phone because ‘budget’ connotes sacrificing functionality. But it doesn’t. I’m still wow-ed by the impressive price-point.

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Dual SIM Starmobile Jupiter B305 has removable Bluetooth headset built into phone; only PHP 2,990

With all the hubbub on the smartphone space, let’s take a short break and look into the recent happenings in the feature phone market. Out of nowhere, we have a local phone company called Starmobile launching a stable of new non-smartphones that have a rather interesting twist to the typical offerings.

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Alcatel One Touch Glory runs Android 2.3, Dual SIM for Php 5,699.00

Dual SIM Android phones are starting to reveal themselves to the market for mind boggling price points. Take Alcatel’s One Touch Glory (918N) for instance. Really, if you’re in the market for an Android smartphone (so you can play Angry Birds, Where’s My Water and Cut the Rope) that can strike a balance between usability and the frugal limitations of your wallet the Glory 918N seems to be the perfect choice especially if you intend to put in two SIM cards (i.e. Smart and SUN).

The only downside of this phone (and it’s a small one) is that the dual SIM feature is limited to dual standby only as compared to being both dual standby and dual active. This means that if you’re on a call on SIM 1, the other SIM gets disabled and will not be able to have call waiting on (SMS will work). But really, in an age of data connectivity, this isn’t such a big deal.

Price: 5,699.00

– Dual SIM
– Great price point
– 320×480 resolution (beats the crap out of the Samsung Galaxy Y)

– Dual SIM functionality is limited to Dual standby only

It’s an affordable Android phone I’d gladly recommend.

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Dual SIM TORQUE F1 Metal at PHP 3,999.00

I’m intrigued with TORQUE’s latest flagship phone for a couple of reasons. In terms of its positioning, it’s supposed to be the classiest of the el cheapo dual SIM phones (LOL!). The mobile’s real estate is covered in metal with the familiar red and black F1 Ferrari colors in leather on the upper back of the device. So while Apple is enjoying its aluminum Macs and HTC is going the teflon route, TORQUE loves the cold embrace of metal. Curious too that this isn’t an official F1 release, but just like a lot of phones from China, this one mimics it quite well.

Read on for my first impressions and more photos.

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TORQUE DTV100: Dual SIM, Mobile TV, FM Radio for P5,499.00


I’ve got a ton of things to do over the weekend. No time to review phones just yet so this time I’ll just be posting teaser photos of the new TORQUE DTV100. For PHP 5,499.00 it is a steal. And it comes in an iPhone inspired box!


Features include:

Dual SIM (Dual Standby meaning both SIMs are active simultaneously)
Analog Mobile TV (for your favorite soap operas)
FM Radio
1.3MP camera with video
microSD expansion
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP (meaning you can use a Bluetooth headset with this)
Weird Keypad Layout


Review to follow 🙂 Just need to get the weekend deadlines over and done with.