My NVIDIA Zotac 1060 Gaming Desktop Setup

It’s been about a decade since my last desktop DIY so building a gaming PC was rather nostalgic. I bought everything except the monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers from Quest Logic in Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes in Paranaque. For those unfamiliar, it is on top of the BDO along Aguirre, on the same side of Robinson’s / Seattle’s Best Coffee.

System Specs:

Intel Core i5 6400 P8,650
ASRock Motherboard P3,200
Crucial 8GB DDR4 P1,900
Kingston 120GB SSD P2,500
Seagate 1TB Hard Drive P2,450
NVIDIA Zotac 1060 mini P12,800
Casing P1,250
500 watts power supply P2,250
USB WiFi Dongle P500

TOTAL: P36,300

This is a setup for a decent budget gaming PC that will last about 3 years before an upgrade. There are two hard drives with the primary being the SSD housing the OS (Windows 7) and some games. That would mean I have two Steam folders for my installed games. The Zotac 1060 mini has the same performance as the regular 1060, but with a smaller heat sink. Really, not such a big problem. The 1070 and 1080 video cards from NVIDIA are just too expensive.

For peripherals I’m using a Dragonwar Gladiator keyboard and Leviathan mouse from Datablitz. I didn’t want to splurge anymore on peripherals. The speakers are Edifiers. For voice I attached my old Samson CO1U USB condenser microphone I bought almost a decade ago. My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster TA350/

jayvee desktop

quest logic

jayvee desktop setup