Starmobile makes a pahabol announcement: 8-core Diamond X1 available January 2014

This is Elijah Mendoza’s Facebook message earlier this week:

We’re happy to share with you the awesome news that Starmobile will be the first local brand to launch an Octaphone in the Philippines this January 2014!

Image is attached and will be a 6” phablet with the same Starmobile build quality, optics, and imaging features. Being a phablet, this will be under the Diamond series and will be called the Diamond X1.

Essentially, the Octaphone is an Android phablet with an 8-core processor. They are the first local brand to be launching such as device under the premium Diamond Line.

starmobile  8 core

Phone in question: What’s the fuss with the faster processor? At some point, doesn’t speed give you diminishing returns when it comes to mobile phones? How fast do you really need it to be?

Answer: When Apple announced their 64-bit chip architecture, it caused a stir in the mobile phone industry. They were the first to adopt this kind of tech into a mobile phone and Android had nothing to offer in return. The 8-core architecture may be the answer to this. As for practical uses, it is really up to the industry — software developers and consumers to predict the actual use for such things. Nobody knew we would be using GPS on our phones. But look at us today!