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Bump up your Dropbox space to 5GB for free

Despite being hooked to the iCloud environment (we have a 4s and an iPad 2), I’m still a believer in Dropbox. Whereas I was forced to use iCloud, I chose to still sign up for a Dropbox account because it really makes document sharing more efficient while being platform-agnostic. The only problem with it is outside the 3GB of free space on my account (acquired from referrals) you need to pay for space, which is quite understandable given their “freemium” business model. So when I found out that they were bumping up their free space to up to 5GB if you participated in a beta program, I immediately got started.

Dropbox recently launched a new photo sync service that copies files directly from your digital camera to the cloud. For every 500MB of space you upload, they give you 500MB of cloud space. That would mean if you’re gunning for 2GB of space to reach 5GB, you will need to upload 2GB worth of photos or video from your camera. Note that merely transferring photos from your HD will not work. You will need to plug in your camera and Dropbox will automatically detect it and prompt you to start transferring. It doesn’t work with a plugged in iPhone.

DOWNLOAD THE DROPBOX DESKTOP BETA HERE. It is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux x86_64 / Linux x86.

If you own an Android device, you will also be able to upload photos wirelessly and this counts as well.