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Happy Valentine’s Day!

To the younger readers, you probably may not remember this but back in the days when the Sony Walkman was the portable music player to have, it had one particular feature that trumped any other portable device. Yes even the iPod. At that time, carrying around a Walkman enabled you to “share music” but in a way different from how we share music today.

You see, the original Walkman came with two mini headphone jacks, allowing you and a friend to listen to the same music, out of the box. Of course, nowadays you can always buy a third party splitter for your 3.5mm headphone jack, but I was quite glad to find this feature being brought back with the set of Fanny Wang’s sitting on my desk. Aside from being epic noise-canceling over ears, it comes with a splitter so you can share your music with another person sitting beside you. Romantic!

Isn’t that such a romantic thing? You and a special someone can listen to the same music without getting all awkward with a single set of headphones.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers! Full review soon!