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Dating a Food Blogger, (The Rudiments Of)

In this I assume that you dear reader are in like with a food blogger. More likely to be female than male, food bloggers are one of the more passionate niche writers whose taste for words are just as delicious as their taste for food.

Dating a food blogger can be a rewarding experience, not just because she can open up an appetizing palette of degustations to your oh so fast food world, but you will be blessed with some of the best conversations ever about life and living it. Some of the most engaging conversations I’ve had were with food bloggers – food is the doorway to all things enjoyable, but only bordering on sinful.

Chocolate Fondue, originally uploaded by iPoint, iShoot.

There is a preconceived notion that food bloggers, like beauty or fashion bloggers are a bit on the smug side. This is not true. There is also a preconceived notion that food bloggers will only hazard to the most expensive restaurants in the Metro and away. Also not true. Food bloggers appreciate the best as well as the simplest meals. The common denominator is that they are more sensitive to tastes in context and can compare the best of fast foods to the worsts of fine dining.