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Globe Duo spams my phone with … yay, marketing!

I got this SMS the other day. Been so wanting to blog about it:

From: +63921.252.6124

“Bai, I’m on my way to Globe to get Duo. hassle to bring landline plus and cellphone. One sim lang ang landline n mobile number, on pareho all the time. Unlimited calling daw for P399 lang on top of ur plan. I’ll save here so might as well switch.”

Anyway, my response:

“Pre, Globe DUO uses GSM to connect to the network. What that means is there isn’t any difference between the call quality of your landline number and your mobile number since they both use GSM. Kung gusto mo ng OK na wireless landline, mag Bayan Wireless Landline ka na lang dahil CDMA ang network nila. Diba pre?”

Not that I’m complaining. It’s just humorous. They’re all (telcos!!) just cockblocking each other’s services. Net of discussion, customer wins with cheaper calls, but it reveals how much they’ve been overcharging mobile phone rates thus far by passing the “new” service off as a wireless landline when in fact, it’s the same thing.

Correct me if I’m wrong but GSM, CDMA, and fixed line technology are very different things.