The Ascent: Quick Beginner Tips

Here are some quick tips in bullet points. I’m playing on PC with GamePass.

  • For skills, I highly suggest investing most if not all in max VITAL SIGNS first (20 points). This is because you will die a lot once enemies start shooting back. If you love to use your augments, max your energy (BODY BATTERY) next.
  • Sell all your duplicate weapons and armor. Keep 1 of each only.
  • Weapon upgrades are permanent — if you upgrade your Dominator to Mk2, it stays that way for all Dominators dropped.
  • Biometric Timestamp is a great augment for healing over time. You basically use this to juggle heals using energy. If your energy is full, use it to heal up when there are no health packs dropping.
  • Try to pick up all the cyberdecks. Here is a guide. The caveat is that you can do COSMODROME before AG VAULT. Once you pick it up, it’s automatically equipped. No need to do anything.
  • The Dominator machine gun and the Dread Assault rufle are great all-around weapons in my opinion. The Dominator does good damage (with a huge clip) but slows you down when firing. You are more mobile with the Dread.
  • Elemental damage comes into play **maybe** after the Empowerment main mission. You can perform great with the Dominator / Riot Shotgun / Dread rifle in the first 10-12 character levels of the game.
  • I spent gun upgrade points on the Dominator (Mk 6) and Dread Rifle (Mk 5)) but now that I am a bit farther in, I would suggest saving more than upgrading once you get to ballistic, energy and heat weapons.
  • The Double Charge side mission requires that you buy a Stasis Drone from the vendor. That’s how you do stasis damage at the start.