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Hyborian Adventures … the story thus far in Age of Conan

Perhaps the main competition is real life commitments which is why after almost a month of playing, I’m still barely midway into the game at level 34 35 (ding!).

I rolled a Conqueror, a soldier archetype and one of the 12 classes in Age of Conan. At 34, I’m still guildless (this is the fault of Kiven and Rico hrmp!) and although finding pick up groups for mid level quests are not as hard as I thought, knowing how MMO’s work, guilds are needed for end-game content especially for AoC’s PVP system which looks a lot like Age of Empires! I’m running on the Oceanic Bloodspire PVP server, so if there are any other Filipinos who are recruiting, I’m here! 😀

Here’s what I’ve been missing out: