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First Impressions with Google Wave


Before I received an invite, my notions of Wave were formed mostly from what I’d see on the Internet – if email was invented today, this is what it would look like. At the same time, I was finding it difficult to describe Wave as the sum of its parts. There’s no way to describe it than to break it down: it’s like email, chat, and micro blogging that’s built as a collaborative effort that supposedly complements Google Docs.

The truth is, what we’re seeing is a preview. I still can’t find an efficient use for it, maybe because I’ve grown accustomed to conventional ways of email and chat — having your mail inbox open somewhere and your Yahoo! Messenger on the side as you talk to clients and build projects. So what Wave is asking for is a behavioral change.

Well, what it is as of this very moment is a reminiscing of mIRC, which will ultimately become another time waster as seen from our serious discussion above. Heh. 🙂