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The Panty Shield for Underwater Cameras: Leak Insure

One of the horrors of bringing a camera into the water is the fear of having your housing leak. Sure, you’ve greased your O rings and meticulously cleaned the crevices of your case from sand particles and dust. But there is that nagging feeling that something beyond your control can happen and you won’t have the precious time to save your camera from a flooding incident. Rather, you’re stuck underwater watching water consume your expensive piece of electronics.

So it’s here — the “panty shield” for underwater housings. If in case it really does leak. Leak Insure absorbs 400x its mass in water, trapping and slowing the flood into its absorbent surface giving you more time to react and surface immediately without harming your camera.

Price: PHP 475.00 for the small and medium sizes and PHP 550.00 for the large size. You can order from Splash Photography: +639175259639 (Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center Level B, Store # 2003). Look for Jovic.