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Is the Neo Explore X1 Classmate PC “better” than the ASUS eee?

Neo Explore X1 Launch

Oh hello, the mail sent over an invite for Intel’s Neo Explore X1 launch this week. The Neo Explore is supposedly the aesthetically backward ASUS eee killer. Engadget reports that the Classmate has now hit shelves for P16,998 and has been rebranded by Neo into the Explore. Intel Philippines is spearheading the event.

The target market of the Neo is .. well … children. This is apparent from the look of the media invite which encourages you to bring your kids to “explore” and “discover.” Why wasn’t this the thrust of the ASUS eee?

The ASUS eee doesn’t seem to target children. It is being pushed towards the on-the-go mobile warrior and early adaptors. I think the perception shift is because it runs on Linux, therefore is “alien” to children who are used to seeing Windows boot up. How different the perception of the market when you aren’t running on Windows? I dunno. I’m obviously guessing these reasons, but you must admit there is some commercial attrition with Linux.

So the truth? Well, let’s wait and see what they have to present during the conference. Should be interesting.