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Dispatches: UNO, Bloggers, Fully Booked — July 29 at 7PM BHS

UNO Editorial

On page twelve of the magazine, there is a short manifesto tha describes the heart of the publication I work for. Let me write it down for you.

UNO is a monthly magazine for the discerning man (and woman). There are features on women we admire, occurrences worth covering, art forms we appreciate, objects that inspire acquisitiveness, and ideas that deserve attention, among other things.

There are also jokes, which may or may not always be in good taste. We value writing and images that are extraordinary. We love women. It is our belife that digital tools should be used to emphasize natural beauty and/or enhance a specific aesthetic– not for turning people into wax models.

Again, we love women.

We think that there’s more to men (and women) than their surfaces.

UNO: Dispatches for the Discerning Man

As serendipitous as it may be, I find myself knee deep into something that I truly love doing, becoming a cyborg of sorts combining the very best talent in local glossy with the journey of the Internet. It is no secret that the blogosphere has been more than interesting for us as a community mechanism, which is why we want to push that even further. Starting with this:

So here’s the deal. Let’s take a break from the usual clubbing routine for something different. On July 29 at 7:00PM we’re holding an informal meet up with our blogger friends and contributors at the Fully Booked FORUM (4th floor!) at Bonifacio High Street. What’s going to happen? Well we’re going to bare all and answer all the questions you may have and perhaps have you going home with a little bit more knowledge about the publishing industry, marketing print, and how print transitions to the Internet locally. We’ll talk about why we revamped UNO, how exactly we did it, and the new design philosophy behind the new and improved magazine. Let’s talk paper stock. Cover shoots. Refocus on our events. Our blog and the community behind it. [read more here]

Hey, we really want you to come. And Arnold Arre will be there too with his brand new baby titled Chapter One.

See you!

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Cindy Kurleto: Two Versions of UNO July ’09


I guess one of the conveniences of the web is being able to post our cover girls sans the cover lines. So here are two versions of the cover — Cindy Kurleto on both of course — for UNO’s July ’09 issue. Also in this issue are Ellen Adarna and Gretchen Fullido. And a little something from Norman Black. The other version of the cover after the jump.