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New MacBooks at PHP 54,990


MacBooks are getting cheaper and cheaper. This is the most affordable MacBook in recent history. Although I’m a big fan of the aluminum finish, I figure that Apple really needed to distinguish the MacBook line with the Pro series as they were both starting to look alike. So the 13 inch MacBook is back to its white roots with more rounded corners. From the product photos, the new portables look “fatty” but as seen in this size comparison with my aluminum portable, it’s really just the same thing with a polycarbonate finish.



The new MacBooks retail for PHP 54,990. I wonder how much they go for at dealer’s price!?

Mostly Everything

Red Ribbon’s Coffee Walnut Bavarian Holiday Cake Tasting

Wow, doesn’t it look good? If you want to be the first to taste this, you can head on over to this sign up sheet and join us.

UPDATE: We have more than 40 sign ups since the weekend. It’s gonna be loads of fun!

Date: December 10 2008
Time: 7:00 PM
Venue: Red Ribbon Libis (near the overpass)

Although this is open to friends from the entire local Internet community (yes, that’s you!), I’d like to mention that as BlogBank, it’s been a while since we’ve met up with our publishers and this is also going to be a good opportunity to catch up on things and eat great cake. We had a lot of transitioning to do in terms of the recent server migration for ads (and yes, we’re back up again with three campaigns running). Also, since we’ll be issuing payments soon, I’d also like to talk to everyone about how we’re going to be doing this in a sophisticated manner – we’re going to talk to you about blog ad networks and how we work with Philippine government taxation. So yes, everyone is invited!

It should be interesting and fun – I mean, who can resist cake? 🙂