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For the past three months I’ve been the host of a new tech show over the Internet. The Geeks is essentially me and my co hosts going on for two hours, trying to make technology fun and easy to understand for everyone.

We aired Mobile World Congress 2011 live over the Internet
We were the first local show to debut the Samsung Series 9 laptop.
We were the first local show to demo the ASUS Transformer eee Pad.
We brought you the best local analysis of E3 2011.
We demoed the ACER Iconia laptop.
We did a show off of Android devices that were not yet available in the market.

Tomorrow we’re doing a tablet stand off. The BlackBerry Playbook vs the iPad 2 vs the ASUS Transformer. It’s really a battle between all the tablet operating systems sans the HP Touchpad which isn’t here yet.

The live stream opens every Wednesday from 2PM to 4 PM at

Join me and my co hosts Chrina Cuna and Sheena Dian every Wednesday if you have nothing better to do on a lazy Wednesday afternoon.