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Spot the celebs!

SMART x HTC from Styles Entertainment Group on Vimeo.

Summary of the SMART + HTC Partnership party and the launch of the HTC ChaCha Facebook phone. This event trended on Twitter worldwide.

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Stages to Becoming Mainstream

Over the weekend, I was having a discussion with one of my cousins in the ad business and we were talking about the airsoft phenomenon in the Philippines and how it has transformed a small enthusiast group into a mainstream public endeavor. He lists down the following stages that transforms a niche hobby into an industry and I realized how these stages can be applicable to almost any hobby:

Stage 1 An enthusiast group with no other benefit than the game itself

Stage 2 Community takes root in the form of dinners and activities outside the sport

Stage 3 Community evolves into a series of institutions

Stage 4 Mainstream media features

Stage 5 Injection of Celebrities

It is at this point — at STAGE 5 when a hobby turns mainstream. It is also under this thought that a BUSINESS MODEL simply because there is a traditional revenue model to back it up, which is entertainment (yeah, the celebs).

It is through these five stages that an INDUSTRY is born. This is why we now have regular sponsored Airsoft tournaments with hundreds of players converging to play (capturing the opposing celebrity faction leader), eat, drink and see the Viva Hot Babes in the flesh.

My question is, what stage is blogging in the Philippines at?