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How to attract sharks: A Four Step Guide

Photo: That’s Gregg holding a plastic bottle. Shark bait!

So I heard about a new technique to attract sharks. These cartilage embedded creatures are beautiful to photograph and provide a different kind of adrenaline boost to divers, alongside the fear of being mistaken for a seal — their next meal!

Step 1: Take an empty bottle of C2 (or mineral water or any plastic bottle). Note that bringing this down with collapse the bottle the deeper you go.

Step 2: Bring it down. Maybe take an additional pound of weights to compensate for the positive buoyancy brought about by the bottle. Don’t litter!

Step 3: Crumple the bottle. The sound apparently attracts their curiosity. Could be because they think it’s the cry of a dying fish.

Step 4: Enjoy the sharks.

One of my dive buddies brought this down and the sound of crumpling plastic underwater is very distinct. Since water conducts sound really well, it seemed like the whole area was crumpling. We saw three reef sharks in our two dives, albeit too far to photograph. As for me, whenever our dive master would put stick his hand up on his forehead (the symbol for shark), that was the cue for me to immediately turn off my LED lights. Great Hammerheads (ZOMG WTF!!!) are sight feeders and they like shiny things!

Whee! CRAZY!