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Holy sh– Japan is selling ‘KURATAS’ fully pilot-able mechs starting at USD 1.3 million

Holy— I thought this was a joke, but apparently it’s not. Suidobashi Heavy Industry is a Japanese manufacturing company that aims to speed up the public adoption of piloted mechs. You can own one starting at USD $1.3 million. These KURATAS mechs look pretty bad ass and you can aesthetically customize the arms and head by adding bad ass (pea-shooter level) weapons, shields, arms and even customize the head gear. I can’t stress enough that these are mechs you can pilot and control via your iPhone (3G), via “voodoo doll” scale model or by going inside the cockpit and going all Daimos (!!!).

If you don’t believe me, watch these two videos. One introduces the KURATAS mech while the other one teaches you how to drive it. Holy crap. It’s amazing.

Link to the online build-to-order form: