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I’m worth PHP 2,500.00

This was written several months ago in March ’10. It still is very timely.

And a quote from the blind item blog:

Who is this nobody ( I don’t even what to call him/her) who is charging companies money in exchange for people to attend their events?

This nobody is claiming that he/she is very influential in the online community that he/she can make them attend events. For a price of course – this nobody is charging companies and PR firms PhP 2,500.00 for each attendees.

The problem is some of the attendees are not even aware that their souls are being sold by this nobody, and some who are aware are not even charging that high.

So even attending events is now a business?

I really think that it must be said. That between the whispers of the blog community (I refer to the more visible community that attends events), it comes to no surprise that they’re aware of it already. Of course no one wants to speak up, but hey, where’s the fun in that?

It’s a different kind of sickness. I’m not even talking about envelopmental journalism. I’m talking about the basic notion of making money out of your friends. In subterfuge.

On a lighter note, I do take offense on the fact that I’m only valued at PHP 2,500.00 to show up in events.