Mostly Everything

Ding! Level 28! Gratz!

Congratulations! You have reached Rank 28!
You have gained Intelligence +1
You have gained Wisdom +2
You have gained Strength -1
You have gained Endurance -1
You have gained skill: “Receding Hairline Rank 2”
You will now take an additional 10% Fatigue from running
You have gained ability: “Peace of Mind” which can be used once per day

A rant to self:

You’re probably the most stubborn person I know, who can’t afford to glue himself to work in an office desk. You try your best to be calm and composed outside, but inside you are probably laughing, because you like to imagine people wearing clown suits (red nose, white make up) while they walk the streets or when they are talking to you. You are passionate and to a fault unbridled and it’s hard to predict what you’re going to do. You’re lazy. You’re not lazy. You get lost in what you do and when you finally come to your senses, you always wonder – hey, what did I just do? Thankfully you haven’t embarrassed yourself in public, at least not yet. Talk less. But make it count. Remember to always protect those close to you and never step on anybody if you want to succeed.

You need to play more guitar and drink less. Even though you claim to look like Joaquin Phoenix, you will still be Mr. Bean.

Belated happy birthday!