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Four Ways to Improve Your Likability

Human beings are emotional and social creatures. They want to feel something. Think about it, if you were going out for lunch–would you be more likely to visit the hot spot with the good looking server or some random joint you’ve never heard of? If we didn’t have feelings, we wouldn’t cry when bad and unfair things happen to complete strangers.

Shiny Happy People

In addition, we wouldn’t give to charity because it wouldn’t mean anything to us. Yet, we do all of these things because–even when we try to act bulletproof–many of us are big softies deep down inside. This is why–if you want to grow your business–it is important to be likable. We can all learn a few lessons on becoming more likable, here are a few.

Say their name

People love to hear their own names. Someone calling your name makes you want to turn around and run over to them in slow motion–through a field of daisies, no less. Dale Carnegie says that to each person, “his or her name is the sweetest sound in any language.” Of course, you don’t want to overdo it. There comes a point where it can start to get awkward. Instead, use it in conversation.

If communicating through a fax server, always address your recipient by their name. A “Dear Sir/Ma’am” is simply annoying. To be fair, we all tend to forget things. To help you remember someone’s name, make a visual association with something that stands out about them such as “Marla with the huge smile” or “Sam with the piercing blue eyes.”

Energy burst

We all get tired and frustrated, but don’t let it show. If your facial expressions and tone of voice are tepid–do something to change that. All it takes is a smile. You can force a smile until it feels authentic.

In fact, the action of smiling automatically makes you feel happier. Everyone likes a happy person. So, the more you smile, the more people you’ll attract. Plus, a smile is free. Sometimes, all anyone ever wants is for someone else to smile at them.

Watch your posture

A person who stands up straight appears and feels more confident than someone who slouches. You might not even realize if and when you slouch. So, practice lifting yourself up. Act as if you are just so excited about the day. You will come across as more likable and enjoyable to be around.

Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Good manners are always in style. No, manners are not stuffy–they were designed to make the people around you feel comfortable and appreciated. This isn’t about whether you should be nice to someone who is your polar opposite.

Exhibiting good manners is how you convey that you can be nice to anyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. It takes a very strong person to have good manners, that’s what makes them so special.

So, one of the easiest ways to start is by saying “Please” and “Thank You.” In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, people don’t get enough acknowledgment. Make it a point to acknowledge the people in your life–whether they be friends, family, colleagues, clients or acquaintances.

Likability is more natural for some than others. The good news is it can be taught.