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Believe it or not: BEER Ice Cream from Elfav (!!!)


At 3% alcohol, the P60.00 per scoop ice cream is the only one of its kind that comes with a warning label: 18 years and above only.

I wrote about Elfav a couple of days ago, being happy that we finally have a decent malt shop in the south. Elfav is short for El Favorito, that brand of ice cream that Filipinos may be familiar with – especially to suppliers. Have you ever tried the ice cream sandwiches from Brother’s Burger? Well, the ice cream between the cookies is El Favorito. So today, we got to indulge in a few scoops of ice cream, P99.00 T Bone steak and eggplant lasagna.

So how does it taste, Jayvee?? Well … ummm … It tastes like lager beer. 3% alcohol. The concept of ice cream with alcohol isn’t alien as we have the liquor based flavors like Bailey’s for instance. But beer? Wow.

Definitely not something I’d order on a regular basis – but yeah, it does taste good. Imagine a bottle of beer chilled with the Beer Below Zero technology – and freeze that moment (pun intended!). That’s exactly what the ice cream tastes like.

So I had to ask – yes they can manufacture a batch of this for your private parties. You need to tell them a week in advance.