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Do you own a SkyCable Digibox?


A marketing theory says that a consumer gives in to a product purchase after the third time it gets pitched. Sooo tadah! We now have a SkyCable Digibox at home!

The first pitch came when I was chatting with Jane Chua and she told me about SkyCable’s new ala carte offering allowing you to choose channels that really matter (Jane works for SkyCable). The second time was when Vina Cruz told me all about it in Yahoo! Messenger (oops she works for Sky too!). The third pitch came when I facilitated a workshop with the Benpres group and Ms. Arlene Torres was there. She pulled me aside during the break and we started talking about their broadband service, and then their ala carte channel offering.

Wait lang. Everyone who pitched the Digibox is from SkyCable!

HAHA! But that’s fine — for an extra P100 a month my brother was able to get the Basketball channel installed. I didn’t know that the Digibox was the device needed to avail of the new channels — I thought the ala carte product offering was different from the “Digibox” … whatever that was. In any case, the unit was pretty easy to install. It’s like plugging in a DVD player using RCA cables and instead of TV mode, you’d need to put your display to video in order to run it.

So far so good! I’d love to hear what others have to say about their experience with the ala carte channel offerings. What channels do you have? Are there any other geeky things you can do with the box?

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of Sky-ifying the entire house. We’re currently on PLDT DSL and I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort switching to SkyCable as a DSL provider. I know they’re way faster.