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Charge your devices with the myCharge Powerbank line (6000mAh for PHP 5,490.00)

With the proliferation of smartphones as a daily necessity, the one resource that users do want to have more of is battery life. With an iPhone 4s lasting for about 5-8 hours with data turned on, and your average Android smartphone going for about 8 hours, a full charge will barely get you through lunch time. There are many charging solutions out there but today I’d like to show off the Powerbank line. Available in 2000mAh, 3000mAh and 6000mAh models (that’s how much juice the pack contains), the top of the line model allows you to fully charge a smartphone about 3 1/2 to 4 times.

• Built-in Apple®, Micro USB and Mini USB connectors , charging cables and on-board USB port allow you to charge hundreds of devices
• Experience 24 more hours of talk time (3G), 34 more hours of WiFi, up to 34 more hours of video or up to 137 hours of music
• LED battery power indicator


2000mAh model PHP 2,990
3000nAh model PHP 4,490
6000mAh model PHP 5,490

From this price scale, you can clearly see that the top of the line model is the choice pick as you get twice as much charge compared to the mid-ranged model for PHP 1,000 more.